Fixx Orthopedics™ Patented Bone Fracture Fixation System

Fixx Orthopedics™ is a medical device company offering innovative orthopedic trauma products to improve patient care and physician efficiency. Our mission is to deliver trauma care solutions that create value for patients, physicians, and the healthcare system. Our products are designed to improve the speed and quality of severe-fracture care while reducing costs for patients and hospitals.

Our Product

The Fixx Orthopedics™ TEF (Temporary External Fixator) provides improved temporary fracture fixation at a fraction of the time and cost required by current systems. Fixx TEF is a two-pin temporary external fixation system for stabilizing severe long-bone fractures in emergent environments. With fewer components and a simplified application procedure, the Fixx TEF system is faster to apply, minimally invasive, and less expensive for hospitals.

The Fixx Orthopedics™ Temporary External Fixation System

Fixx’s™ single-point fixation system ensures stability without requiring precise lateral pin alignment

Fixx's™ patent pending screw technology and sheath stability system enables robust fixation through only two pins - fewer incisions, faster recovery



The Fixx™ TEF allows for application in the ER not the OR, which enables physicians to stabilize the fracture so they are free to address other traumas which improves physician efficiency.


Full procedural reimbursement provides hospital savings in time and device cost, eliminating unnecessary OR time (average $62/min.).


The Fixx™ TEF only uses two pins, which means two less-invasive incisions. This allows for easier, more efficient, and safer ER procedures providing intuitive design and faster application.


Provides rigid internal fracture fixation rivaling definitive fracture fixation systems. Promotes healing and overall trauma stabilization and improves patient outcomes.

Our Team

Fixx Orthopedics™ has a motivated team of mechanical and biomedical engineers working alongside a veteran orthopedic surgeon to bring this improved trauma care solution to market. The team carries extensive experience in clinical trauma care, medical device R&D, and biomechanics research.

Mike Johnson

Tom Gerold, BSME
Founder & CEO

Marc Egeland, MSBME
Founder & CTO

Kenneth Noonan, MD 
Founder & CMO

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